OptinChat Review : AI ChatBot cum Email ID Collector

During my search for Digital marketing tool for email id collection , I cam across AI enabled OptinChat from Founder of DigitialDeepak.com . It’s really a blessing for Digital Marketer as it help us to grow our audience and subscribers. Let me share my review on Optinchat further.

About Optinchat:

OptinChat is a AI based vitual live chat tool. Optinchat helps you create your own chat module for your visitors with custom questions/answers.

OptinChat helps me to collect both emails and names in one form chat. Optinchat asks my user for an email id and the real name. And you can see currently Optinchat is working on my website. When you come across here you may see a small popup box just like in the screenshot is appear with a popup sound. The sound helps and grab visitor attentions to appear to the pop up.

Optinchat Lets you Convert your website Visitors into Subscribers with an automated chat that users love & most important thing is Almost Free.

Why to use Optinchat:

  • High Conversions – Up to 14%
    User’s of OptinChat have experienced sky high conversions because of the interactive nature of OptinChat. You will get conversions that are 2x to 3x of other tools like popups.
  • Page Level Targeting
    Show different messages on different pages. Like, If someone is in your about me page, send them to connect on Facebook! All with the same interactive chat module.
  • Create Your Own AI Chat
    OptinChat Creator helps you build your own chat module with Custom Questions and Answers. You know your users better!
  • Data Storage & Integrations
    Store your emails in a dashboard and export it as a CSV file. You will also get a lot of direct integration options, you can integrate with Google Sheets, Zapier, Aweber, MailChimp, Drip, etc.
  • Non-intrusive, user-friendly conversion engine.
  • Seamless real-time integrations.
  • All assets delivered from CDN network for high load speed.
  • Collect Name, Email and Phone Numbers.
  • Works on Mobile too.
  • Funnel Visualization
    OptinChat also has funnels that help you visualize the stats. From impressions to unique views to emails collected, all the data is clearly shown in a funnel format.

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Downloading of your collected data:

If you want to download your collected data you can easily download it as a CSV file. The collected data can be also filtered based on the data. For the free plan of optinchat you can only download your data as a CSV format file. But in the premium plan of optinchat you can directly integrate your all data to your favorite email marketing tool such as Aweber, MailChimp and much more.


How To Get Optinchat For Your Website:

  • First, create an account at OptinChat
  • Fill all the necessary details and settings in the dashboard
    Click on Save
  • Now you’ll see a code box below.
  • Copy the JAVASCRIPT code
  • Go to Blogger
  • Now Go to theme >> Edit Html
  • Finally Paste the code copied before </body> section
    Save the template and enjoy!

How install optinchat in WordPress:

  • First, go to wordpress plugin  and download the optinchat official plugin.
  • After downloading optinchat plugin go to the plugins “add new” area of WordPress website.
  • Upload the plugin and activate it.
  • After activation go to the optinchat settings.
  • Paste the script code you take it from your optinchat dashboard and paste it here.
  • Click on save changes button and now you have successfully install optinchat to your WordPress blog.

What does the Pro says:

Optinchat is growing very fast day by days and it’s is been used by thousands of bloggers and website owners. Even very popular bloggers use optinchat in their popular sites/blogs such as excelchamps.com , www.cybrosecindia.in and www.helpeng.com. See what do they say after applying optinchat to their websites in the below screenshot.


So this was an review of OptinChat, which is a perfect tool for building email lists. Hope you liked this review.

Do comment below your experience using this tool and subscribe this blog now for more exciting posts in future!


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